August 10, 2022

Google Forms or Google Form is one of  the Google platforms, which is widely used for research or educational needs. This is  because the Google Form application offers convenience in collecting data.  Moreover, how to create a Google Form is very easy, as well as the  process is practical.

The Google Forms app  is indeed very helpful, because you can collect data easily. Not only that by using Google Form, you  save more on paper use because you do not provide the form  online and the respondent, will fill out the  form given.

How to Create a Google Form

In creating a Google Form, the process is very easy. You only need to do a few steps  to complete the Google Form format as you wish.   This convenience is provided by Google, so you can create online  forms easily, as well as be easy to share.

  1. How to Create a Google Form

There are several steps that can be done to create a Google Form.  You need to pay attention to  some of these ways so that the  process  of creating online  forms from Google becomes easier.  Here’s  how to do it.

  • The first step, please you visit the “” site and login using your Gmail  account.
  • On the site, you select Blank and select the available Google Forms template. Please choose according to  your  needs and desires.
  • In the next stage, you will be directed to the editing  page to do some editing as needed.
  • You can change the title by clicking “Untitled Form” which is on  the  top left, and you can change the  title according to  your needs.
  • Next, you can also provide a description on the form.  You do this by pressing the “Form description”  menu located under the  title, and you can fill in the description column according to  your  research topic.
  • The next stage is to make a list of questions.  The trick is to press the Untitled Question menu  and enter your  list of questions.
  • Then to change the question type, you can click the down arrow and enter the Response option, then click Required.
  • As for if you want to add a new question, you just click the “Add Question” menu and enter your  question that matches the research topic.
  • Meanwhile, for those of you who want to add a copy of the question, you can click “Duplicate” and the copy of the  question will appear in your Google Form.
  1. How to Share Google Forms

After knowing how to create a Google form, the next step is to share the  form  online. The process of sharing forms is not difficult. You only need to do a few steps to  then be able  to share Google Forms,  online via your cellphone, laptop or PC.

  • The first step, you open your Google Form and select the Send or Send menu.
  • In the menu there are several options for  how to submit a Google Form.  First by entering the address of the respondent’s emai l or in the “To” column.
  • Next you can enter the respondent’s email address and press the “To” menu. In the “To” field you can set the  content and subject of the  message within Google Forms.
  • To shorten the URL size , you can press the “Insert Link” menu.
  • Then you press the “Copy and Paste” menu into the  chat field.
  • Meanwhile, if you want to submit a Google Form to social media, you press the social media icon inside the  Google Forms application.

Google Forms is one of  the easy applications to use.  Moreover, this  series of ways to make Google Forms is not complicated and long. So hopefully after reading this article  you  will understand more about Google Forms,  from how to create to share them.

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