August 10, 2022

Instagram is indeed a popular social media application. However, in the midst of Instagram’s popularity, there are people who actually want to delete their Instagram account. Some want to delete the  account so that they can no longer access IG. For those who want to delete an  account, how to delete an Instagram account is easy.

Deleting an  Instagram  account must have  a reason. The first is probably because it is saturated with  facebook-owned social media. Another reason, maybe because you want to  further reduce your  addiction to Instagram social  media so you can stop to leave the photo-sharing  app.

How to Delete Instagram Account Temporarily and Permanently

There are at least 2 types of ways to delete an Instagram account. First is a way to temporarily delete. Then there is also a way to permanently delete an Instagram account. So each has its own way.

  1. How to Temporarily Delete Instagram Account

The first tutorial  is to temporarily  delete the Instagram  account.  As the name implies, you can  temporarily delete your  account  and then reactivate  it. This method is suitable for those of  you who want to take a break from Instagram social media before finally returning to social  media.

  • The first step you can open a web browser such as Google Chrome and Opera Mini on  your phone, laptop or PC.
  • Next, please enter the official Instagram website which on Google Chrome, Opera Mini and other web browsers.
  • Then please login to your  Instagram  account, by entering your  username and password.
  • After successfully logging into your Instagram account, you log in to your  Profile and select the “Edit Profile”  menu to start temporarily deleting your Instagram
  • On the Edit Profile menu, please swipe down your  screen  and select the option “Temporarily Disable My Account, to temporarily  delete the account.
  • Then you will be asked to explain the reason why delete the account. Please fill in the answer honestly  for  whatever your  reason, it will not affect your  plan to delete your  Instagram
  • Finally, please enter your account password , and wait until a notification  appears that the  Instagram  account has been temporarily deleted.
  1. How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account Via Web Browser

Next is how to permanently delete an Instagram account  .  By deleting the account permanently  , all data in  your Instagram account will be automatically lost. Then if you want to return to Instagram then you have to create a new account and return to collect followers as before.

  • The first step, you open the Website Instagram at the You can open the site in web browsers like Google Chrome and Opera Mini, all of which you  can access on  your  phone, laptop or PC.
  • Sign in to your
  • Meanwhile, in another tab, you are requested to open the site.
  • Later on the site, you’ll be asked to explain why you permanently deleted your account. There are several explanation options you can choose from.  Please  choose it   honestly,  for the reason that you will be kept secret  by Instagram.
  • Next, you can be asked to enter the password of your Instagram  account.
  • After entering the password, you just need to select the “Permanent Delete My Account” option and wait until a notification  appears that your Instagram  account has been permanently

Before doing ca fig delete Instagram account you should think carefully  about your  decision.  Whether you want to temporarily delete your Instagram  account, or want to delete it permanently.   All decisions are yours, and do it responsibly.

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