August 10, 2022

Instagram or IG doesn’t just present unique or cool  photos. You can also get exciting videos  that  you can watch through the application. If you want to watch it many times and free of quota, you can follow how to download videos on IG, so you can save your favorite IG videos.

Video downloads offer a variety of advantages.  For example, you can watch it repeatedly without quota.  This is  because the video  has automatically  been saved on your cellphone so you just have to  open it to see it again. Then it’s more practical because you don’t need to open IG, to watch videos.

How to Download Videos on IG Without App

The way to download videos on IG, can be done without an application aka through the website.  This fig  tends to be more practical and effective for downloading your favorite videos  that are on the  Instagram account.  That way, you can more easily  collect videos from the Instagram  accounts you like.

  1. How to Download Videos on Instagram Using Gramsave

The first way  to use Gramsave. The site  allows you to download video  content on Instagram, whether regular video  content, IGTV or Instagram Reels that  Instagram recently  released. How to download videos on Instagram, via Gramsave is  also easy.

  • First of all you can login to the Instagram account. Youcan login, either through the Instagram application or the Instagram site.
  • Then you can search for the Instagram video you want to download. You can search for it in your favorite Feeds,  Instagram accounts.
  • After finding the video  you want to download, you click the 3  dots on the top right of the video    As for Instagram Reels, you can click point 3 which is on the bottom right.
  • Next, you click Copy Link to copy the link of the video you want to download.
  • At the  same time, you can open a web browser  application such as Opera Mini or Google Chrome.
  • Then you writewebsite/gramsave in the address column, then click Enter to go to the site.
  • On the site, you please enter the copied link .
  • Check again whether the link you put is correct or not, next you click Download Now to download the IG video.
  • Wait for a while until the video is successfully downloaded to your phone or laptop.
  1. How to Download Videos on Instagram Using

How to download videos on the next IG  using site.  As the name implies Situs it will help you in downloading  IG videos.  The advantage of  downloading via is that you can download videos through your  various devices. So this is easier and more practical.

  • First of all you can login to your Instagram account.
  • Then how to favorite videos that  you want to download.
  • Click the 3 dots  located at the top right of the video, and click Copy Link to copy the video link
  • Next you open a web browser like Google Chrome or Opera Mini.
  • Then you write in the  address column, and click Enter to go to the site.
  • In the link you please paste or place the link that  you  copied earlier, in  the column provided.
  • Click the download button, and wait for the video download process to
  • Later the video will be automatically saved on your  cellphone or laptop device.

Both ways to download videos on IG without an application,  can certainly help you to get your favorite video  content.  After successfully downloading it on your cellphone or laptop, you  no longer  need to open the IG application, and  the  internet network when watching videos.

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