August 10, 2022

The Indonesian  government provides free internet  quota for students, teachers, lecturers and students. The package  can be used to access the internet as well as learn online. For those of you who   work  as one of the recipients of the free  quota, here’s how to get a free quota from the Indonesian government.

The free  quota is a form of government concern for  the community.  With  a free quota, people can more easily access the internet for online  learning needs, communication and various other activities. So  the free quota from the government can be used for your  daily needs.

How to get free quota from the Government of All Operators

The way to get free government quota applies to all operators. This is  because the  Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), has collaborated  with all cellular operators  to provide free internet  quota.  That way the quota is given to all students who use all operator numbers.

  1. Requirements for receiving free quota from the government

There are several conditions that  you must understand, to get a free  quota from the government.  The goal is for you  to be able to  understand whether you  belong to the group that is entitled to beneficiary of  the assistance or not.

  • For ECCE students,  those who are eligible are those enrolled in the  Dapodik system.
  • The next requirement is to have  an active mobile number  in the name of  a person, or parent  or guardian.
  • For Elementary School (SD) students, those who can get it are students who are enrolled  in the  school’s Dapodik
  • It must then have an active phone number, in the name of  a person or parent, or family member or guardian.
  • For junior high  school (SMP) students, those who are entitled to  free internet  quota are  those who are registered into the  Dapodik system.
  • Then, you should have an active mobile phone number.  The phone number is in the  name of  a person, parent,  family member or guardian.
  •  For  high school students, those who are eligible for  the  package are  those whose data is registered in Dapodik.
  • Furthermore, those who have an active phone number either in the name of  a person, parent,  family member or guardian.
  • For teachers, those who are eligible are those who are registered Dapodik. Then, have a cellphone number that is still active.
  • Then for students, the condition is that their name is  registered in  the PDDikti system, and has an active telephone or cellphone
  • Next, for lecturers, the recipient requirements are those who are registered in the PDDikti system. Then the lecturer must have an active cellphone number.
  1. How to get free internet quota

After knowing about the requirements, the next step is how to get a free quota from the government. The method is quite easy, and  you can apply it to get free internet from the Indonesian  government.

  • First of all, you must report to the leadership in each of the educational units. For example,  to the PAUD, elementary, junior high school, high school to university.
  • Then your data will be checked, for example whether your data is registered in Dapodik or not, as well as whether it has an active cellphone  number or not.
  • Next, the school or education unit  operator, will upload a Statement of Absolute Responsibility (SPTJM), to the  website for PAUD, SD, SMP and SMA levels or for the education level
  • Please wait for information from the education unit, whether you are entitled to a free  quota or not.
  • If you are entitled to get a free internet quota, then please wait for the beginning of the month.  Later you will get a  notification containing that you get a free internet  quota from the government.

This series of ways to get free quota from the government can be information for those of you who want to get a free quota.  Because the program  is very useful for those of you who  need internet  quota every day.

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