August 11, 2022

The length of use of the  laptop can affect its performance,  no wonder a laptop that is used for a long time  will make it slow and performance drops. But no need to worry, there are ways to overcome a slow laptop that can be done.

Indeed, like other electronic products, laptops can experience a decrease in performance. It is generally characterized by slowness when used to open a program. Below can be checked how to deal with a slow laptop.

How to Solve a Slow Laptop for Windows 7, 8 and 10

  1. Remove Unimportant Programs

Too many programs or applications installed on the laptop can cause the laptop to slow down. Therefore, some such heavy programs should be removed. Here are the steps:

  • Click Windows.
  • Click Control Panel.
  • Select Programs and then Uninstall a Program.
  • Select the program that you want to uninstall.
  • Finally, click on Uninstall.
  1. Delete Files in Temp Regularly

If it is not deleted regularly, the files that are in the Temp folder will accumulate. This can cause the laptop to slow down and decrease in performance.

For this reason, it must be removed immediately so that the laptop is normal again. As for how to remove it, you can check it below:

  • Press Win + R on the keyboard.
  • Type the keyword %temp% then press Enter.
  • After entering the Temp folder, press CTRL + A.
  • Finally, press SHIFT + Del to delete all the files in it.
  1. Delete Files in Prefetch

If the laptop is slow, try checking the Prefetch folder. If it is full, it means that it is what causes the laptop to slow down. It must be removed to restore the normal performance of the laptop as before.

Here’s how:

  • Press Win + R on the keyboard.
  • Enter the prefetch keyword and press Enter.
  • If there is a request for administrator permissions, click OK.
  • After entering the folder, press CTRL + A to block all files.
  • Finally click SHIFT + Del to delete all files.
  1. Disable Startup Apps in Windows

There are some applications that activate immediately after the laptop is turned on, which can indeed make the laptop slow down.

Inevitably, those startup applications in Windows must be turned off or disabled first. Here’s how:

  • Press Win + R on the keyboard.
  • Type msconfig in the fields provided, and then click OK or press Enter.
  • Next a list of startup applications will appear, disable those applications that are not really needed.
  • Done, it is guaranteed that the performance of the laptop will be normal again.
  1. Turn Off Unneeded Visual Effects

Visual effects in Windows can sometimes also cause the laptop to slow down and the performance drops. It is recommended to turn off visual effects that are not needed to restore the performance of the laptop.

Here’s the tutorial:

  • Buka Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click on This PC and select Properties.
  • Select Advanced System in the Performance
  • Then select Settings and change the options to Custom.
  • Next select the Visual Effect you want to use, make sure that it does not affect the performance of the laptop and make it slow.
  1. Clear Cache Periodically

Finally, a slow laptop can be overcome by diligently deleting the cache on the disk. Caches that accumulate on the disk can indeed make the laptop slow, so it must be deleted regularly.

The method is very easy, the tutorial can be checked below:

  • Open Windows Explorer, you can press Win + E on the keyboard.
  • Next right-click on the hard drive that you want to clear the cache.
  • After that select Properties and click on the General tab,
  • Finally click Disk Cleanup to clean the cache and temporary files that have accumulated.

A slow laptop does suck, so it has to be addressed immediately to make it smooth again. The above is how to overcome a slow laptop that can be tried, guaranteed to be 100% successful.

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