August 10, 2022

HP is one of  the  devices needed, for everyday life. Therefore  , when the HP is lost, you must have a headache and have difficulty communicating.  The solution, you have to  look for hp until you find it  by applying a way of tracking lost hp that can be applied to find hp.

Looking for a lost cellphone, not just looking for a communication device. However, you need to look for the missing cellphone, especially when there are your photos, videos and documents inside the cellphone. All such data is private and confidential. So you need to look for it so that the data on the cellphone is not leaked to the public.

How to Track a Lost CELLPHONE

There are several ways that can be done to track a lost cellphone. You can use it through an application or through a site, which is able to track a lost cellphone. The following  various ways can certainly help you to find the lost cellphone  so that it can return to your hands.

  1. How to Track HP Using Find My Device

This method uses an application called Find My Device. Through this application, you can track your cellphone  more quickly and easily. In addition, by using Find My Device, you can also  take rescue actions, so that the cellphone  is found faster and the data on the cellphone can be better maintained.

  • You can borrow your friend or family’s cellphone. Make sure the cellphone  is not being used, because the cellphone is needed to carry out the  process of searching for  your lost cellphone.
  • After getting permission to borrow your cellphone, you can download the Google Find My Device application on  the You can get it on the Google Play Store or App Store. If you are confused about looking for it you can click on this link.
  • Wait for the downloading process to complete. Then you open  the application, and register  using your Google Mail or Gmail account.
  • After successfully registering an account, you select the  Sign In As A Guest service.
  • In the service,  a display of permissions will appear that  you should know about, and grant access permissions.
  • To grant access permissions, you click Allow inside the
  • Later, Find My Device will help you track down a lost cellphone, and you can select the Play Sound menu so that the phone can automatically  sound loudly. Then Lock, to lock the cellphone, so that during the search the HP cannot be accessed by others.
  • The third way is Erase. If you press this feature, you can erase all data on  your phone such as photos and videos.  The goal is that no  one can access all your data.
  • Please go to the HP location to get your hp back.
  1. How to Track HP Using

How to track the next lost  cellphone via This site  can help those of you who want to find lost cellphones  through the website. This method is more practical because you don’t need to download certain applications, so it doesn’t take up your phone’s  memory. Here’s  how to do it.

  • Open a web browser like Google Chrome and Opera Mini on your phone.
  • Then, you please go to the site, and wait a while for the site  to open perfectly.
  • Next, you select the HLR/HP Location Search menu, to search for lost cellphones.
  • Next, please enter your mobile phone number , and click Search.
  • Wait a few moments for your phone’s  current location to appear.
  • Please follow your cellphone’s current location, until you find it.

This way to track  lost cellphones can help you if there is a loss of HP disaster.   By using these two, you now don’t have to panic when hp is lost. You just have to  follow these methods  until finally the cellphone returns to your  grasp.

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