August 10, 2022

For  Indosat Ooredoo users, credit is very important. For that, the credit is always fully charged  or if it is a little bit, you can buy it. In addition to buying, you can also  transfer credit from your friends, or family. The method is very easy and here is information about how to transfer Indosat Ooredoo credit.

Credit transfers are usually carried out, either  under  normal or urgent circumstances. Especially for urgency, you can usually help friends or family in need, or vice versa. You can ask them for help to get a credit transfer  so that they can communicate well.

The Most Complete Way to Transfer Indosat Credit

At least 3 ways  you can do to  transfer  Indosat credit.  Both of the  following ways, are equally easy to implement. In addition, these two methods are  also guaranteed to be fast in the credit transfer process, so you can stay connected.

  1. How to Transfer Indosat Credit Via Phone Call

The way  you can do it is through a phone call. This method is quite powerful for making credit transfers easily.   By using a phone call, credit can be sent quickly  to the intended  number.

  • First of all, please open the phone call app on your phone.
  • Next, for those of you IM3 Ooredoo users, please press the combination of numbers and symbols, namely *123*7*2*3*1#.  Make sure you write the combination
  • As for you Indosat postpaid users, namely Matrix Ooredoo, you can press the  combination of numbers and symbols, namely *123*7*1*6*1#. Again make sure you write it down correctly so that the transfer process can run smoothly.
  • The next way to transfer Indosat credit is to press the call or call button.
  • Follow all the instructions provided starting from writing the destination number, as well as the amount of credit you want to transfer.
  • Follow everything until information appears that you have successfully carried out Indosat credit transfer
  • After that, you can call the intended number to announce that,  you  have sent Indosat
  1. How to Transfer Indosat Credit Via SMS

The second way  is to use SMS. This method is also as easy  as  using a phone call. This method  is also suitable for those of you who don’t want to bother  doing  Indosat credit transfers.   The reason is via SMS, you just have to follow a few delivery steps  until the process is complete.

  • First of all, you can create an SMS application on your cellphone.
  • Next, you write an SMS message with the  format TP <Spasi> Destination Number <Spasi> the Amount of Credit you want to transfer.  An example is  the TP 085691128130 50000.  Make sure you write down the number and  nominal amount of credit correctly.
  • Next you send the SMS to the number 151.
  • Please wait until there is a reply SMS which is a token confirmation.
  • Then you reply to the message with the word “Ok” and wait until information appears that the credit transfer  was  successfully carried out.
  1. Ways to Transfer Indosat Credit to Other Operators

In addition to transferring credit to others, you also transfer  Indosat credit to other operators.  The method is also not too difficult because the process is via SMS.

  • . You can open the SMS app and create a new SMS.
  • Write an SMS with the format TRANSFERPULSA <spasi>  Phone Number <spasi> Nominal Credit.
  • Then you send the SMS to the number 151.
  • Wait a few moments until a token confirmation appears to your
  • Reply to the SMS with the  word “Ok” and  the token number sent to number 151.
  • Wait a while until the information appears that the credit transfer  was successful.

These three ways of transferring Indosat credit  are equally easy to apply. You just have to choose whether you want to transfer using a phone call, SMS or make a transfer to a  number from another operator.

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